Thor - Dark World - Hard Forged Edition

Marvel's first cinematic release following The Avengers was Thor 2: The Dark World - a sequel to arguably its most lackluster superhero origin's movie.  While better received than its predecessor, the film struggled in finding a coherent balance between the fantastical elements of the Thor universe, and its desire to blend with the more realistic elements of that on Earth - a critique leveled against the original Thor as well.

Faneditor TM2YC (Take Me To Your Cinema) set out to correct the narrative troubles with the movie by re-ordering scenes, inserting in deleted footage and giving the film a good polishing by trimming dialog and adding color correction.  Join Beezo as he discusses the differences between the theatrical version of Thor 2 and this fanedit, Thor 2: The Dark World - The Hard Forged Edition.

Thor 2: The Dark World

Thor 2: The Dark World - The Hard Forged Edition