Pacific Rim - Jaegerbomb Edition

Guillermo Del Toro released his homage to the Japanese city-destroying monster genre in 2013 with Pacific Rim.  Spectacular effects and cinematography makes this the most visually stunning large-monster movie ever made.  However, it's tone is undermined by it's convoluted mind-meld plot contrivance along with a B-plot that seems more geared towards laughs than staying true to the movie's seriousness.

Faneditor RangerKris felt as much himself when he said the main problem of the movie is that it, "suffered from a long, complicated second storyline involving organ harvesting and bad humor which was really not crucial to the plot."  Does removing it make for a better movie?  Join Beezo along with Gary Buseytown Massacre podcast co-founders, Ethan and Donna, to find out!

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim: Jaegerbomb Edition