Scream - The Giallo Cut

Wes Craven began what would become his second biggest horror franchise (after Nightmare on Elm Street) with Scream in 1996.  Featuring characters that are familiar with horror movie tropes, the movie was both a satire and a legitimate addition to the horror genre.  The film has come to enjoy a cult-like status insofar as it is treasured by some, yet critically panned by others.

Modified to look like a lost VHS, fan editor Neglify has reimagined Scream, not with the intent of fixing it per se, but to make it "a love letter to Italian horror cinema, Dario Argento, Goblin and the original Scream."  Join Beezo, and Gary Buseytown Massacre co-founders Donna and Ethan as they discuss Scream: The Giallo Cut.


Scream: The Giallo Cut