Nightmare on Elm St Anthology Vol 1

Horror films in the 80's were defined by their villians - Michael Myers, Pinhead, Jason and, of course, Freddy Krueger.  Nightmare on Elm St found a way to coallate all of the 80's horror tropes - slow moving, impossible to defeat and viscious bad guy - by making them integral to the character himself as he hunted and murdered through one's inevitable dreams.  

Fan editor Dr. Sapirstein has set out to make the definitive collectors cut celebrating the film's 25 year anniversary.  This edit features "new scenes, alternate takes, a different soundtrack and for the very first time, Johnny Depp’s fully uncut death scene fully re-edited into the film."  Join Beezo along with Body Tape Intl co-founders Ethan and Donna as they discuss Dr. Sapirstein's fanedit, Nightmare on Elm Street - Anthology Vol 1.

Nightmare on Elm St

Nightmare on Elm St - Anthology Vol 1