Rogue One - a discussion


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first addition to the Star Wars franchise that doesn't follow any of the characters introduced in the original Saga.  While marred by controversy with extensive re-shoots, the final film is a welcomed edition to the franchise, even with its obvious missteps.  

In anticipation of the fan edits to come, and mirroring their discussion with Episode 7 along with the other Star Wars film's, Beezo and Greg discuss the ins and outs of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Akira: The Streamline Dub

1988 marked the introduction of one of the most influential films of all time, Akira.  Landmark for its incredible efforts in animation, the film also shines with its soundtrack, cultural mashup and neo noir design.

Join Beezo, along with Body Tape Intl co-founders Ethan and Donna, as they discuss anime and their take on Akira.


Terminator 3: The Coming Storm

Marking the third installment of James Cameron's Terminator Trilogy (at the time), director Jonathan Mostow had shoes that were too big to fill and had a script that took to few chances with its $200 million budget to make a noteworthy film.  2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was a considerable step back in quality from its predecessors.

Removing the unnecessary comedic bits, faneditor Uncanny Antman has set out to make this film "to be more in the tradition of its prequels."  Join Beezo and Body Tape Intl co-founders Ethan and Donna as they discuss the edit, Terminator 3: The Coming Storm.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Terminator 3: The Coming Storm

From hell: Engraved in Stone

From Hell, a mismash between being a Johnny Depp vehicle, a graphic novel adaptation and a gruesome historical fiction, came and went with very few passionate one way or the other about it.  What little passion there was for it, was to contrast it with the 572 page graphic novel by Alan Moore that was its source material.

Fan editor TM2YC has set out to infuse this film with into something that better correlates with the tone of the graphic novel making it "as dark, frightening and oppressive as possible."  Join Beezo, along with Body Tape Intl co-founders Ethan and Donna as they discuss From Hell: Engraved in Stone.

From Hell

From Hell: Engraved in Stone

The Return Of W. De Rijk

Universally praised, but once confoundingly received, Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey is not only remembered as one of the most acclaimed sci-fi films, it is one of the most revisited films by movie enthusiasts.  

Director Steven Soderberg has made his own fan edit of this masterpiece, though his intentions may ultimately be as mysterious as the film's star child sequence.

Join Beezo, along with Body Tape Intl co-founders Ethan and Donna, as they discuss Soderberg's fan edit, The Return of W. De Rijk.

2001: A Space Odyssey

The Return of W. De Rijk


Eyes Wide Shut was the final film of famed director Stanley Kubrick.  It's meandering pace along with striking visuals transfixed audiences and critics, who ultimately gave the film cautious praise.  Fan editor Gatos has replaced Bill Hartford's sexual odyssey fueled by jealousy with one of "curiosity, coincidence and circumstance."

Join Beezo, along with Body Tape Intl co-founders Ethan and Donna, as they discuss Eyes Wide Shut: Fidelio Edition.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut: Fidelio Edition

Silent Hill - Restless Dreams

The 2006 release of Silent Hill was one of the few video game to movie transfers that attempted to make a real movie out of its source material rather than pander to the childish audience that such movies usually do.  However, the mythology of the film is lost between a mixture of too much fan service and not enough conventional storytelling.

Fan editor Aztek has tackled this film to focus on "the heart of the story which was with Rose and her struggle" and to make the film "proceed at a brisker (but not rushed) pace."  Join Beezo along with Body Tape Intl co-founders Donna and Ethan as they discuss Aztek's fanedit, Silent Hill: Restless Dreams

Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Restless Dreams

Nightmare on Elm St Anthology Vol 1

Horror films in the 80's were defined by their villians - Michael Myers, Pinhead, Jason and, of course, Freddy Krueger.  Nightmare on Elm St found a way to coallate all of the 80's horror tropes - slow moving, impossible to defeat and viscious bad guy - by making them integral to the character himself as he hunted and murdered through one's inevitable dreams.  

Fan editor Dr. Sapirstein has set out to make the definitive collectors cut celebrating the film's 25 year anniversary.  This edit features "new scenes, alternate takes, a different soundtrack and for the very first time, Johnny Depp’s fully uncut death scene fully re-edited into the film."  Join Beezo along with Body Tape Intl co-founders Ethan and Donna as they discuss Dr. Sapirstein's fanedit, Nightmare on Elm Street - Anthology Vol 1.

Nightmare on Elm St

Nightmare on Elm St - Anthology Vol 1

Time Travel Consecution

Short films often offer the chance for some of the most creative endeavors for fan editors.  Consecutions are a collection of short films made by fan editors all covering a similar theme.  The Time Travel Consecution, perhaps self evident, features short films that topic that of time travel through comedy, action, drama and suspence.

Join Beezo, with Body Tape Intl Co-founders Donna and Ethan as they discuss disk 1 of the Time Travel Consecution.

Time Travel Consecution

Earth One

Another Earth was a solid, low-budget sci-fi film released in 2011.  However, wanting to keep its feet straddled between authentic science fiction and full blown allegory made its more fantastical elements compromise the film in both regards.

Faneditor Beezo has set out to make the film, "more believable within the confines of its premise."  Join the faneditor himself, Beezo along with GBTM co-founders Ethan and Donna, along with special guest Joe as they discuss Beezo's fanedit, Earth One.

Another Earth

Earth One

Robots vs kung fu

The Matrix stands as one of the most influential and defining films of the late 90's.  While many have attempted to fan edit its subsequent sequels to be on par with the original, few have set their sights on The Matrix itself.

MatrixGrindhouse has made an ambitious fan mix, envisioning The Matrix as if it were a low budget exploitation film of the 80's.  The extent of his work is vast, such that "everything depicted - wherever possible - is sleazier, darker, or simply different from the original version."  Join Beezo with GBTM co-founders Ethan and Donna as they discuss MatrixGrindhouse's fanedit, Robots Vs. Kung Fu.


Robots Vs. Kung Fu

Jurassic World: Blockbuster Edition

While Jurassic World proved to be the best sequel in the franchise, it was a far cry from the franchise's launch title, Jurassic Park.  The film's visual and techinical prowess were undermined by stupid characters, inconsistent character motivations and the sheer lack of meaningful subtext.

Fan editor Ironman23 has set out to make this sequel more like the original by "removing these annoyances, do a bit of reordering for tone, and give the film a more crisp bright color palette."  Join GBTM co-founders Ethan and Donna along with Beezo as they discuss Jurassic World: Blockebuster Edition.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Blockbuster Edition


While a notable movie for its visual acuity and yet another solid performance by Daniel Craig as Bond, Skyfall is more remembered for its elegance than for its clever plotting and action sequences.  The movie's runtime of 143 minutes along with its seemingly poigniant climax in Bond's childhood home indicates a gravitas the film certainly aimed to achieve, but missed.

Faneditor LastSurvivor, who has tackled Bond in other movies such as Die Another Day, Quantum of Solace and On His Majesty's Secret Service, returns to make his edit of Skyfall.  His goal is to "tighten the pacing, reign in the overacting of Bardem and give it that 'classic' Bond feel."  Join Beezo and GBTM co-founders, Ethan and Donna as they discuss LastSurvivor's fanedit, Skyfallen.



Payback: The Hybrid Cut

1999's Payback is remembered as a strong, if not misplaced, film noir featuring a protagonist with questionable morals.  However, while writer/director Brian Helgeland leaned into the character's bad side, the studio were concerned about their hero and ended up re-shooting a sizable portion of the film while also deleting the film's more challenging scenes.  In 2006, Helgeland was able to release the Director's Cut, demonstrating a completely different vision of the film.

For better or for worse, both films have positive qualities that the other lacks.  Fan editor Neglify has set out to "blend together the best elements of the theatrical cut and director’s cut of Payback."  As a bonus to the noir genre, the film has also been modified to be in black and white.  Join Beezo, Ethan and Donna, along with the faneditor himself, Neglify, as they discuss Payback: The Hybrid Cut.


Payback: The Straight Up

Payback: The Hybrid Cut

The Frighteners Recut

Before coming to mainstream prominance with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, writer/director Peter Jackson cut his teeth on a few cult movies including Dead Alive and The Frighteners.  The Frighteners received a mix reception due to its uneven mix of high octane comedy and grave seriousness.

Faneditor Neglify has set out to even out the film's more egregious tonal changes with his "primary intention to improve pacing, tone and characters."

Join Beezo with Body Tape Intl. co-founders and GBTM hosts Donna and Ethan as they discuss Neglify's fanedit, The Frighteners Recut.

The Frighteners

The Frighteners Recut

Pulp Empire

Now a growing favorite of fan mixes, NJVC has re-envisioned Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back as if it were straight out of the Quentin Tarantino oeuvre.  The edit features many Tarantino tropes such as popular music, dramatic cue cards, character set pieces and stylized montages.

Join Beezo and guest Meagan as they discuss all of the ins and outs of NJVC's fan edit, Pulp Empire.

Pulp Empire   

Jumper - Recut

Despite star director Doug Liman and acclaimed screenwriter David S. Goyer, the sci-fi film Jumper failed to win over critics or fans alike in 2008.  While the film had very competent special effects, it's story was singularly bland and even lacked a conclusive ending - leaving itself open to a sequel that was never to be.

Fan editor Smithers has tackled this film in an effort to make it better by, "removing all of the pointless filler while giving it emotional heft by adding good music."  Join Beezo as he discusses Smithers' fanedit, Jumper: Recut.


Jumper: Recut

The Greater Gatsby

Baz Lurhman's 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby was largely discarded, often remembered for its anachronistic rap music over its 1920's setting.  It's roaring cinematography and overall grandiosity seemed to topple under its own weight, leaving it's indelible characters, and the actors playing them, in the rubble.

Fan editor Hal Over 9000 has done what others hoped would have been done originally and has replaced the film's more egregious use of pop music with more period appropriate songs.  Join Beezo as he discusses whether or not his fan edit, The Greater Gatsby, is indeed, greater.

The Great Gatsby

The Greater Gatsby

Captain America - The Steve Rogers Cut

Captain America: The First Avenger was the last origins film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe before bringing all of the heroes together for The Avengers.  Well received by critics and fans alike, the film suffers only due to a strong third act that just doesn't quite live up to the film's even stronger first act.

Not interested in fixing the movie as he already thought it was great, faneditor AEMovieGuy set out to make "a fun, Saturday-Matinee, Action/Adventure" movie.  Join Beezo as he discusses Captain America: The Steve Rogers Cut.

Captain America: The First Avenger  

Captain America: The Steve Rogers Cut