It's Alive!


Yes, yes.  This blog has been little more than a space filler.  No content, no updates - a worthless allotment of precious ones and zeroes.  

But today, like JC of Nazareth and Dr. Frankenstein, I hereby now resurrect and bring to life this fledgling blog - hopefully forgetting not to feed it and keep it alive in days, weeks, and months to come.

First order of business is a brief status report.  To the amusement of my inner demons, this podcast has managed to stay active for over a year.  Credit is not entirely due to yours truly as the good folks (don't believe the media's lies!) over at Gary Buseytown Massacre are as much to thank (or is it blame?).

Greek philosopher Herachlitus once said, "fluxum est," which sounds a lot like, "All is flux," in the Queen's English.  Meaning, changes are a coming - no less indicated by the existence of this post.  Some of the changes expected to unfold are the following:

More new episodes.  Yup, more and more content.  For the first year, the release of Feature This episodes were available in tandem with episodes from the GBTM.  Because it takes more time to create those episodes, it acted as sort of a governor on the amount of content Feature This could release - else the podcast would be imbalanced in content.  The new strategy is to start building a unique Feature This stream while also having multiple Feature This / GBTM crossover episodes each month - in which the good folks (again, don't believe the media's lies) over at GBTM will participate in our disseminating of fanedits.  Which highlights upcoming change number two...

New podcast stream.  Feature This will soon enough have its own dedicated Podcast stream, available through iTunes and various other platforms.  This is a work in progress and once complete, will certainly warrant another blog posting.  For the time being, continue to subscribe to the GBTM podcast to get our joint-effort episodes as well as enjoy their content.  Visit this site on the regular to catch new - Feature This exclusive - episodes.  Eventually, GBTM and Feature This will be under an umbrella network of podcasts - named Body Tape for the time being.  What's to become of this network is very exciting and is a giant WIP.  More to come on this later.

New stuff in general.  I have a lot of ideas I want to explore throughout this fiscal year.  Social media integration, merchandising, legal means by which to attain the fanedits discussed, exclusive content for VIP listeners (all two of you), video content, more integration with the fanedit community at large, a forum and a few other super secret ideas.  ETA on all of this is TBD.

Like Kirk Cameron realizing his Left Behind movie is garbage, this podcast and this site is going to experience some growing pains.  Along the way, if you have an idea of what you'd like to see and hear from these developments, email me at  All ideas are taken into consideration and feedback is not just tossed into the digital recycle bin in the top left hand corner of my background.

Thank you for your support and here's to year number two!